Neftali Reyes Jr.

05.03.1998 - 12.29.2017

Age: 19

19 years young, Puerto Rican, born and raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. An Honors graduate of Roberto Clemente Community Academy High School, and someone who will forever be remembered for his outstanding baseball playing skills. Neftali is affectionately recognized for his brilliance on the field as an exemplary Roberto Clemente Wildcat pitcher from 2012-2016. Numerous times, after their games, Neftali would display empathy and support for the opposing team. Due to this, more than once, his coaches would publicly credit him for his depiction of sportsmanship and merit.

Neftali’s profound humility coupled with his gentle quality, were consistently authenticated both on and off the field. Neftali Reyes Jr. inherited and illustrated a personal love for this sport ever since his tiny hands were able to grasp a bat and baseball. In this spirit, we will endlessly preserve his memory, and express how we are all blessed beyond explanation to honor him. Not only his legacy but also his angelic smile, which resonates in the heart of every person privileged to know him.

“Firstborn and only son, brother, beloved relative, and genuine friend to the masses. Neftali, you are noble, regal and justified.”


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