Community of Survivors

We all want to be loved and cared for by our family and friends. And we all want to live in a community that remembers, supports and understands us. Even when it seems that the world does not understand a survivor’s grief, Chicago Survivors Community of Survivors is there.


The Community of Survivors is a safe space where survivors meet, build relationships, share their experiences, learn and support each other.


Survivor Support Groups


Survivors meet together in supportive and interactive settings around the city to cover topics important to survivors.

  • Workshops, Memorial and Social Events; gatherings vary from family potluck dinners to special speakers, arts activities, and more. Held around the Chicago and throughout the year.
  • Annual Wellness Fair: Surviving the loss of a loved one to violence is hard on the body and soul. It is important to learn to be well again, to carry the memory of your loved one in healthy ways. Chicago Survivors Wellness Fair promotes wellness for survivors through hands on demonstrations, free samples, and fun activities.
  • Annual Holiday Event for Children and “Coping with the Holidays” workshop for adults.


Let Chicago Survivors help you navigate the darkness of this violent loss to path of stabilization, healing and strength.

To be notified of upcoming events, “Like” us and subscribe to our events on our Facebook page. If you would like to hear more about our Community of Survivors, please contact our Survivor Community Outreach Coordinator at 312.488.9222.




Crisis Helpline: 877.863.6338


It’s free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also get help by calling our office at (312) 488.9222.