Our Mission

Chicago Survivors promotes the healing of communities and families affected by violent death through empathetic, trauma-informed, multi-faceted approaches to support.

Our Core Values

• We believe that no one deserves to be physically injured, threatened, intimidated or killed by violence in their home or community.’

• We serve all survivors regardless of age, race, ethnicity or immigrant status, gender, sexual orientation or expression, religion, education, socioeconomic status or personal history.

• We value survivors’ perspectives, experience, and leadership in shaping and delivering services. We respect and encourage the autonomy of survivors in making decisions about their care.

• We serve the family as a whole and its individual members because families are the essential human community.

• We believe that a compassionate response to survivors is an essential part of violence prevention and must include trauma-informed systems and professionals, and a trauma-informed general public.

• We believe it is important to advocate for crime victims’ families, who are entitled to protection and services under the crime victims’ bill of rights.

• We cooperate with our partners, including law enforcement, criminal justice, schools, hospital systems, and government systems, with the understanding that our first responsibility is to care for survivors’ needs and to respect survivor autonomy.

• We believe a compassionate response is delivered by well-supported staff, and commit to providing a trauma-informed environment that includes the continued advancement of wellness, care, and emotional wellbeing of all staff.

Vision Statement

Chicago Survivors envisions a future where families and communities are thriving, and where healing from violent death is no longer needed.



Crisis Helpline: 877.863.6338


It’s free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also get help by calling our office at (312) 488.9222.